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The 5 Reason Of
Pre-Planning With Nirvana

RM100 Million
Maintenance Fund

Our backup trust fund are managed by an independent trustee for road works, garden landscaping and infrastructure maintenance.

Excellent Feng Shui Design & Location

Our memorial parks are endorsed by renowned Feng Shui masters for having excellent Feng Shui.

0% Installment Plan Low Down Payment

Enjoy peace of mind with our 0% interest instalment plan up to 36 months with low down payment.

Service & Facilities

Our numerous memorial parks and integrated centres has comprehensive facilities with professional service support.

Peace & Majestic

Each of our memorial parks are designed with elegant and majestic architecture to ensure peace and comfort.

Caring For Life

STC UNITED ENTERPRISE is a company that offers one-stop Nirvana funeral services in Malaysia. Our head office is situated in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. The company specializes in Nirvana & Funeral Service, Funeral Consultant, and many more. Exceptional customer service plays a major role in our company as we want customers to feel satisfied when they visit us. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Products

  • Burial Plots
  • Columbaria
  • Funeral Service
  • Ancestral Tablet
  • Eternal Blessing Light
  • Pet Memorial Garden
  • NV Seed

The Environment

In Nirvana, we create and design a peaceful and harmonious burial landscape and also stunning and magnificence columbaria, creating a truly remarkable atmosphere that both calms the heart of visitors as well as provide the departed with a serene place of eternal rest.

Latest News

Nirvana funeral service

17 Sep
我们提供最完善的殡葬服务,让亡者得到尊严的殡葬仪式,也会让生者安慰,安心,付 [...]


11 Sep
在失去后,我怎么了? 注册辅导员 张以靖 当失去挚爱,面对极大的失落与悲伤时 ,大多数人都可能会经历悲伤失落带来的一些反应。从一开始的无法接受事实到崩溃,都经历了一些复杂性的心理变化,最终总会迈向痊愈的道路上。有没有发现在经历这类似的失落事件时,总会经历差不多心理过程呢? 库伯勒–罗丝模型(Kubler-Ross model)描述了 [...]


11 Sep
日本著名作家村上春树在《挪威的森林》中对死亡有了这么一个说法: -死并非生的对立面,而是作为生的一部分而永存-。   富贵集团坚守“关怀生命”的企业理念,以人为本,以孝为先也是经营生命事业的主轴理念,也是以此理念经营这一个中华文化的传承企业。   风雨走过30载,积极推广公众的生死教育,让更多的民众不避忌死亡等话题,让生命教 [...]
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